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Zuza Wychowanie - szycie na miarę


The collection in this section features ready to wear pieces. 
By selecting the finished design, we can customize it to your own style. While maintaining a certain pattern, we can choose a fabric, lining and finishing details. 
We believe that these elements can give unique character to the whole piece.

jacket // Make it fly // greensee more

jacket // Make it fly // greensee more


Tailor-made clothing is a completely different ethos from store-bought clothing.
Rather than trying to alter our image to fit the clothes, tailor-made clothing is created in a process to reflect the wearer as a person and accentuate their best features.
Nothing limits us: from the cut, through the choice of fabric, to the sewing and finishing details.



zuza w

Zuza Wychowaniec designs ready to wear collections and tailor-made clothes. 
In her designs, she puts great emphasis on details, because the details define the unique character of the whole piece. She believes that a well-cut jacket, like no other part of a woman's wardrobe, can emphasize the woman’s sensuality and show her natural strength.

Zuza graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. 
She completed BA studies with the specialization in jewelry design as well as a Master of Arts in textile and clothing design with the specialization in jewellery design.

Zuza is a finalist of Warsaw Fashion Street, as well as Legnica Jewellery Festival.


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Zuza Wychowaniec

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